Don't fall and die ~



Are you a piece of art because I’d like to nail you up against a wall


Dance Gavin Dance - The Robot With Human Hair Pt. 2 (Album Version)
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The Robot With Human Hair Pt. 2 - Dance Gavin Dance

Seal jumps on duck hunter’s boat and wants to cuddle X

a lot of females always say they hate her because jane reminds them of themselves: don’t hate yourself for these traits! they’re perfectly okay, and things are hard sometimes. it’s hard to be in love with someone who barely notices you, or it’s hard to have your family manipulate you. but these things are okay to have experienced and tried to ignore to protect yourself—just like janey did!

these things don’t make jane weak! she’s still a strong person who is funny, hot-tempered and starting to refuse to take any more bullshit. she’s just a human: with a rad taste in television!




so sexy ugh


*pulls out phone* “hey check out this meme”

"woah, don’t you know liking memes isn’t cool???"

"aha it’s a metaphor. i like the meme but i never press the reblog button. put it in your likes but never give it the power to ruin your blog"


mr. lovenstein



“i’m so depressed,” posted the caucasian heterosexual cisgender teenage girl on her blog

last time i checked depression can affect everyone and you’re fucking trash for invalidating the struggles depressed people go through